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Making Your Own Poll: Easier Than Ever

It's easy to make a poll, just complete the form. Then you can send people to take your poll. Visitors to can also find your poll and vote!

If you have your own website

You can place html on it so that your visitors can take polls:

  • Get your site visitors to Vote
  • Get your site visitors to look at results
  • Get your site visitors to read & write comments & opinions
  • Prevent double voting & fraud with our double poll protection
  • Edit your poll at any time
  • Provide up to 15 answers
  • Results pop up in a separate window
  • Creating a web poll is very easy, you don't need to be a pollwizard!
  • Best of all, it's free!
Complete the form to create a poll on your website.

Do you want a poll on your website?

If you need a professional in-site polling solution that never leaves your site (so without pollwizard advertising or branding) contact the Pollwizard!
It's that simple! You will also be asked for a return URL, so that your site visitors can click that URL to return to your website. On that web page you could for example provide an explanation of the results.

Complete the form to create a poll on your website.

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