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Where should the next CFL expansion team go besides Ottawa

Halifax Halifax 994
London Ontario London Ontario 303
Missisauga Missisauga 60
Quebec City Quebec City 659
St.Johns St.Johns 48
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walter 2014-11-08 23:02:47 CET   141057
I would like to add a team quickly - the 2016 season. I would also have 4 teams make the playoffs in both the east and west (1 vs. 4, 2 vs. 3). With Ottawa still new (and the east being generally weak, at least one of those expansion teams would make the playoffs.

I hate the bye week. With 10 teams, they could play every team twice and play every week - an 18 week season compared to 20 now.

PistolP305 2014-10-24 23:38:40 CET   140931
Top 10 names for QUEBEC CITY - Royals,Emperors,Hunchos,Brigade,Alliance,Militia,Snow Owls,Polar Bears,Majors,Colonels

PistolP305 2014-10-24 21:16:04 CET   140929
Halifax(East)/Vancouver(West) CFL all star game...Grey Cup @ The Team with the Worse record stadium...\"1WorseTeam \" cannot repeat back 2 back Grey Cups @ their stadium...Both Halifax team and Opponent will complain about distance so Quebec City will be the best choice because its close to all EAST thier for an all star game can be sesawed East and West each year Halifax/Vancouver \"No Matter If It Snow Heavy\"Long as the weather not bad thunder storms etc...

Walter 2014-10-12 10:44:23 CET   140820
The poll has St. John\'s, but not Moncton/St. John. I still would have voted Halifax.

Montreal would not want a team in Quebec, and I think they have the rights to not allow one. I do not think Southern Ontario can support another team.

jacob 2014-08-02 07:11:29 CET   140398
heres how I see the canandian football league east confrance atlantic monction Halifax Quebec city montreal central Ottawa Hamilton Toronto Mississauga west conference praries London Windsor Winnipeg Saskatoon pacific Edmonton Calgary Victoria vancouver

Robert Dennis 2014-07-19 16:15:00 CET   140281
does anyone think Anchorage, Alaska is a viable option for the CFL?

Adam 2014-04-25 19:43:52 CET   139788
If a tenth team were to go anywhere the Maritimes would not only be the best option financially but also there would be a lot of community support and I think that the season and playoffs would be a lot more interesting instead of the same three or four teams winning the Grey Cup every year in recent history. Moncton or Halifax would be great options however neither city would be able to support a team seperately. Moncton has had a few regular season games played on their field which in my opinion turned out pretty well with fans coming from Hamilton to see the game. If the league were to provide some money for the team to start then I could definitely foresee a successful tenth team in the CFL until then the nine teams will get to deal with only eight playing every week.

CFL Howee 2012-09-02 18:39:09 CET   137206
i have read lots of rants abt cfl expansion...but three things get in the way
1) no stadiums
2) no ownership stepping forward
3) existing CFL clubs willing to cut up the pie(currently 8 ways)

expanssion clubs will not bring in huge bucks for expansion fees. so what is the point of Montreal allowing a club in Quebec to splice up their Quebec fanbase

cfl steve 2012-07-22 00:06:22 CET   136911
Since I have last responded I have done a lot of research into expansion of the CFL what I have found is that we all have to be realistic but after Ottawa comes in making it 9 a 10th team is almost definitely needed. At this point Halifax is out of the picture due to the lack of stadium support.
Quebec City would make the most sense. It already has a strong football fanbase in the City and the Province. Football has become extremely popular among the Francophone dominated population and like with the ALS all games can be televised in french on RDS.
The Stadium issue is not as big of a problem as it used to be. This would be a case where a temporary stadium would could be used while plans for a stadium to be built can be worked on. The situation calls for the need for a team and the revenue from the 10th franchise can be used to help build the Stadium.
Also with the building of Saputo Stadium in Montreal gives the franchise an option of building a less costly stadium that can fit the needs of a pro sports team. With Saputo expanding from 13,000 to 20,000 as a soccer specific stadium for a total cost of around 50 million makes it more reasonable for a franchise.
Quebec City is also top ten city in population with 700,000 but the TV ratings would be very high. The Rivalry between Montreal and Quebc City would be the biggest rivalry in Canadian sports. The Alouttes would most likely have to move their one home game a year to Olympic vs QC.
Finally the roster would most likely be filled with players from the province, particularly Laval and Sherbrooke taking their fan bases to support the team. Much like the Saskatchewan Roughriders whose roster tends to be filled with players from the U of Regina and the U of Saskatchewan in saskatoon. I would suspect that much like the fans from Saskatoon making the trios to regina for rider games the same will happen with fans from sherbrooke making a similar journey to QC for home games.
It is the only province that can support two teams at this time with Montreal being one of the top three populated cities in Canada the city can support the Als in the stands without the help from other cities.
Quebec City could get it done in the next 4 r 5 years while Halifax and London would most likely be a longer term plan of 10 years.
10 teams with team 10 in QC would be perfect for the 2016 season.

cfl steve 2012-03-31 10:39:03 CET   135303
A stadium in Halifax is finally on the table. Although it has been temporarily shelved the city has agreed to investing 20 million dollars. At this same Time Saint Mary\'s U. is investing 1 million to replace the field turf. Saint Mary\'s plans to put more money to renavating Huskies Stadium. At this point there is much resistance and opposition from the Halifax community about building a Stadium. Saint Mary\'s offers the solution as they are interested in the size stadium on the table. 14,000 permanent seats expandable to 20,000 with temp seats. Still short of CFL standards but not by much. If a CFL expansion team were to commit to Halifax proper adjustments could be made. 3 to 6 thousand of those temporary seats could be made permanent seats by said franchise. Leaving only 5 to 8 thousand temporary seats to be put in for CFL season. Also they would be able to fund corporate suites for the stadium

cfl steve 2012-01-30 21:16:34 CET   134481
january 30, 2012
The Torontp and Hamilton situation needs to be addressed also in the midst of expansion talk. With the Buffalo Bills taking all of Toronto\'s interest that leaves the area with very few CFL fans. With Toronto and Hamilton being so close they should move all three of there games to the ROGERS CENTRE. making it a home game for each team. a co home game. Rogers has plenty of room to acomadate both teams season ticket holders and then some in the 55,000 seat stadium. Moving all argo season ticket holders to one side of the stadium behind there bench and the Hamilton season ticket holders assigned seating on the TI cats side. Two home games at once and a full stadium to boot. This would leave the CFL with three extra home games to be assigned to a team. Award the three teams with the best attendance a 10th home game. Saskatchewan sells out every game ta 30,000, edmonton and calgary with larger stadiums get over 30,000 a game. The revenue from the extra home games could be shared with the rest of the CFL franchises.
second Toronto could finally just move further south ontario to the Campus of the Western Ontario Mustangs and TD Waterhouse stadium. currently seating 10,000 it cleary has room for prmanent additional seating. as the endzone to the right of the home grandstand is nothing but open ground. the opposite endzone has a structure in the middle but clearly has room for some additional seating to the left and right. The visiting grandstnd is small enough and has room enough behind it to erect an upper level where corporate luxury suites, club boxes, and additional seating can be added.
Any fans of the Argos are CFL fans and would be able to change theit alligance to the Ti Cats. The Ti cats could also use Rogers centre for home playoff games and host Grey Cups their like the ALS to with OLympic Stadium in Montreal.
THE LONDON ARGOS would also be able to go further south to the SILVER DOME and team with the city of Windsor o host what would be the largest capacity grey cup in history. Adding another Domed stadium to rogers, bc place, new winnipeg stadium and Olympic to site for grey cups. Lets face it with the option of five domed stadiums and the cold canadian winters a dome is almost a must for a modern CFL. Silver Dome i am sure being owned by a toronto businessman would remove seating in the end zone to fit CFL dimensions knowing that they would have a grey cup game there



and yes an 11 team league although an odd number to schedule is possible. I just competed what an 11 team 18 game over 19 week schedule would look like. REALLY COOL AND EXCITING NEW CFL

cfl steve 2012-01-30 20:29:05 CET   134480
JANUARY 30, 2012
Well expansion into the US is very unlikely. As before US teams would not have to abide by the 50 -50 non import; import rule which is what the CFL is about . CANADIANS playing football.
At current dateThe OTTAWA franchise will not be here until 2014. gets the league to 9. The Atlantic Region looks as though it will have two stadiums built by 2015. One in Mocton and one in Halifax. Just needs an ownership group as the CFL has careful laid all the ground work needed to place a team in the Region. If both stadiums do indeed get built it would best serve the fans to use both stadiums for games. The formula for that would have to be something that would need some thought. which location would be best for the teams main home. with the other location perhaps recievg 2 games and an exhibition game. So by 2016 there should be at least 10 teams.
My first though when I first began investigating the expansion cities a few months ago was WINDSOR at SILVER DOME. reason being it had one thing that no other city had ; a Pro Football Stadium. But as i have delved more into cfl expansion over the past 6 months I have learned alot. A Windsor team playing out of Silverdome would have the same problem as Toronto. an NFL team nearby. BIlls for toronto and lions for windsor/pontiac. NFL will win that battle.
Next Quebec Province being the province where football is by far most popular a team in Quebec City seemed like a no Brainer. Wrong again. Q.C. is mor interested in the NHL than the CFL. and Laval U will never expand or wants a CFL franchise at PEPS in fear of it taking fans from their beloved ROUGE ET OR. But a team in the Province of Quebec to rival the ALOUETTES of MONTREAL would be most profitable for all parties involved. Doing some extensive research of possible stadiums that could be expand rather easily and quikly on a temporay basis then maybe a permanet basis I stumbled across COULTER Field on the campus of Bishops U. Currently has one grandstand on the home side capacity of 3,000 but to the right the endzone area is noting but open field. the opposite sideline has nothing there either except open field. Also the opposite endzone does have structures etc, there would still be space for a smaller grandstand to be erected. Easily enough space for 22,000 seats added to the already 3,000 for the CFL 25,000 needed. Sherbrooke itself is about 5th in population but is perfectly located to draw from nearby towns in quebec, vermont, new hamphire, and maine whic have no nearby NFL franchise. Montreal being one of the largest 3 cities in all of Canada can support the ALS while the rest of the province would have a team to support. Sherbrooke is located east of Montreal and south Of Q.C.. This would creat a 220 sq mile area of the most populated part of Quebec loaded with football fans. add the areas east of sherbrooke into Maine and south of sherbrooke into vermont and Newhamphshire. Sherbrooke is a center point of a radius of an hour or less drive of tons of football fans. Not to mention that three times a season The Quebec Nordsmen of Sherbrooke could travel to OLympic stadium to play the ALS of MONTREAL in what would capture the attention of an entire Province with evry football fan to fill the 60,000 plus seat Olympic stadium also generating huge TV ratings for TSN and the CFL. this rivalry and these three games could change the entire financial Landcape of the CFL up to the next level. So somewhere between now and 2016 and the Ottawa and Atlantic schooners expansion this should be the priority of the CFL and quebec Province
11 teams by 2016 is a reality


Francis Chartrand 2011-11-14 17:47:32 CET   133128
Part 3

Let’s take a look of the possible 16 teams (all in Canada) in a third expansion in 2025 or 2026, with the CFD (Canadian Football Development) appointed city (all in Canada) on the right, divided in 2 conferences and 4 divisions, with the Okanagan team based in Kelowna:

Eastern Conference
Saint Lawrence – Maritimes Division
Atlantic Schooners Moncton Surge
Quebec City Gouverneurs/Chevaliers/Rafales/Huskies Saguenay Harfangs
Ottawa Renegades/Rough Riders/Royals/Public Workers Drummondville Caribous
Montreal Alouettes Sherbrooke National

Great Lakes – Ontario Division
Toronto Argonauts Kingston Loyalists
Hamilton Tiger Cats Sudbury Crows
London Beefeaters/Imperials/Knights/Great Northern Loons Owen Sound Tornado
Windsor Bulldogs/Lancers/Truckers/Great Blue Herons Sarnia Huron

Western Conference
Prairies Division
Winnipeg Blue Bombers Brandon Mustangs
Saskatchewan Rough Riders Moose Jaw Prairie Falcons
Saskatoon Wheat Kings/Spitfires/Mounties/Canada Gooses Prince Albert Sioux
Edmonton Eskimos Grande Prairie Northern Lights

Rockies – Pacific Division
Calgary Stampeders Lethbridge Dinosaurs
Okanagan Vipers/Grizzlies/Stallions/Cougars Kamloops Glaciers
British Columbia Lions Nanaimo Islanders
Victoria Orcas/Seals/Salmon Kings/Crunchers Chilliwack Ring-billed Gulls

*When I use the slash bar (/) that means that I have suggested many names that I’ve seen in the past posts in this forum or I heard on the news possible names for a CFL team. If there’s only one possible name for the CFD teams that appears, I didn’t have enough places to put more and the meaning was about CFL teams.

Francis Chartrand 2011-11-14 17:45:37 CET   133127
Part 2

After maintaining good markets in Canada and good ratings in TV networks, the league searches for 25,000 to 30,000 people per game in average and encouraged CFL Fan trips across the country to increase the audiences in stadiums of 20% to 30%. CFL can think to move up to 16 teams, all in Canada.

The only possibility for the league to expand in United States would be to reach a pertinent audience and to build a good market in US networks, not only ESPN, but also Comcast Network, FSN, and maybe major networks, like ABC and NBC. I know some Americans follow CFL, especially in Alaska, Washington State, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Western New York State, and New England.

Few years ago, I use to see full buses of fans from Portland, Maine, Concord, New Hampshire and Syracuse, New York to see games for Alouettes and Renegades in Montreal and Ottawa. I know some Americans are curious about Canadian football, but let’s not be naive, let’s build a good market before building US teams in CFL. The league did a mistake once in the 1990s, by letting empty stadiums in cities unable to have NFL - the exception being Baltimore, where the Ravens live.

The best candidate cities in United States for Canadian football would be, from west to east are Anchorage, Alaska, Portland, Oregon, Spokane, Washington, Boise, Idaho, Duluth, Minnesota, Saint Paul, Minnesota, Madison, Wisconsin, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Lansing, Michigan, Rochester, New York, Syracuse, New York, Albany, New York, Burlington, Vermont, Springfield, Massachusetts, Hartford, Connecticut, Manchester, New Hampshire, Providence, Rhode Island and Portland, Maine.

By the way, I learned by the news that in Nassau, Bahamas, sport fans are meeting in bars by hundreds to watch the CFL in summer and fall on TV, especially during Grey Cup. Nassau could be an interesting market with its growing population (353,658 in 2010), like Boise, Spokane and Madison when those cities made exhibition games of Canadian university football, this summer, with crowds of 29,000 to 34,000 people in their own stadiums.

But before testing the US markets in those 18 US cities, it would be great if the league puts on table the idea of a development league, like the NBA did in United States, but not 16 school teams for 30 NBA teams. The CFL should create to every CFL teams a development team, in a new league called CFD (Canadian Football Development). And every CFD teams would be in smaller towns, where there are colleges and high schools that can help kids to increase in football and studies in a safe community. The conditions for a city to have a CFD team would be to have less than 250,000 people and not being a suburb of a city that has more than 350,000 people. In fact the closer the city could be of a metropolitan area is 50km. By following that idea, the league can keep the kids in their hometown and their own community, as long as it possible. But only when the CFL will be formed by 16 teams, not before.

To be continued.

Francis Chartrand 2011-11-14 16:11:45 CET   133126
The CFL should expand, and especially in Eastern Canada, in priority in Ottawa and Quebec City, respectively the 4th and 7th metropolitan area in population, in all the country. Actually, we got 5 teams for 10,956,708 inhabitants in Western Canada, while we got 3 teams for 23,790,542 inhabitants in Eastern Canada. When the league will do it, we should be sure the total of teams will not be odd.

The actual league, today on November 13, 2011:

Eastern Division
Montreal Alouettes
Toronto Argonauts
Hamilton Tiger Cats
Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Western Division
Saskatchewan Rough Riders
Edmonton Eskimos
Calgary Stampeders
British Columbia Lions

My next views for the first expansion in 2014 or 2015 would look like:

Eastern Division
Quebec City Gouverneurs/Chevaliers/Rafales/Huskies
Ottawa Renegades/Rough Riders/Royals/Public Workers
Montreal Alouettes
Toronto Argonauts
Hamilton Tiger Cats

Western Division
Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Saskatchewan Rough Riders
Edmonton Eskimos
Calgary Stampeders
British Columbia Lions

Then, after the television networks (ex. TSN and RDS) show 5 games every week, we can be able to put 12 teams, 6 in the West and 6 in the East, with the Atlantic team based in Halifax.

My views for the second expansion 2019 or 2020 would look like:

Eastern Division
Atlantic Schooners
Quebec City Gouverneurs/Chevaliers/Rafales/Huskies
Ottawa Renegades/Rough Riders/Royals/Public Workers
Montreal Alouettes
Toronto Argonauts
Hamilton Tiger Cats

Western Division
Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Saskatchewan Rough Riders
Edmonton Eskimos
Calgary Stampeders
British Columbia Lions
Victoria Orcas/Seals/Salmon Kings

To be continued.

Hoss 2011-10-23 18:49:31 CET   132768
The CFL should focus on improving attendance in the current markets and finally getting Ottawa back into the league. Only then should it look at an expansion team in the Maritimes. In that regard Halifax makes by far the most sense and the team should be called the Nova Scotia Schooners. As for the other proposals mentioned on this forum (some of which such as Victoria, Burnaby, Anchorage and Brandon are laughable) none are viable. The CFL is not really big in B.C. and would not survive in any market besides the Lower Mainland, and the Lower Mainland can only sustain one team. Saskatchewan draws on the whole province for support and could never support two teams. The Greater Toronto Area with 5.5 million people can barely put 20,000 into the Rogers Centre for the Argos and Hamilton\'s attendance, although improved, still needs work. Southern Ontario, despite its population is not capable of supporting additional teams. Quebec City would appear to have the population base but there is no real demand for CFL football.

ziggy 2011-10-21 18:55:47 CET   132742
just looking at some of these and I agree with most of the expansion ideas. What I am not understanding is, why do some of the teams have to be renamed? For instance the B.C. Lions being changed to Vancouver Mountain Lions or Vancouver Lions if Victoria gets a team? And also the Saskatchewan Roughriders to the Regina Roughriders if Saskatoon ever gets a team? The 3 that I can think of right now where there are 2 teams in a league and one is named after the city and the other after the state. For instance, Tampa Bay Lightning and the Florida Panthers NHL, Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros, also the Tampa Bay Rays and Florida Marlins. I don\'t see any reason to change names. Expansion though is a must in my opinion. Get Winipeg out from the east, add a maritime team and Ottawa. Also I believe that the Lower Mainland could support another team easily. I like the idea of a team in possibly Langley or Abbotsford, also in Victoria

Kahkakew 2011-10-16 21:30:16 CET   132666
The CFL needs to expand to a 16 team, 2 conference, 4 division league. This would reduce the average attendance to 20000+ to ensure viability.

West Conference:

Pacific: Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Regina
Prairies: Surrey(or Kelowna),Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg

Central:Windsor, London, Hamilton, Toronto
Maritimes: Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City Moncton( or Halifax)


Round 1
HOME Visitor
A.Prairie #2 Vs Pacific #3 B.Pacific #2 vs Prairie #3
C.Central #2 vs Maritime#3
D.Maritime#2 vs Central #3
(Pacific, Prairie, Central, Maritime #1 have bye)

Round 2:
E.Pacific #1 vs A winner
F.Prairie #1 vs B Winner
G.Central #1 vs C Winner
H.Maritime#1 vs D Winner

West Semi Finals
I. E Winner vs F Winner
EAST Semi Finals
J. G Winner vs H Winner
(Home game for team with best regular season

Grey Cup
West winner vs East Winner
(home game for team with best regular season record)

cfl steve 2011-09-20 00:49:52 CET   131767
the gap in salaries between the nfl and cfl are too big now. By expanding into canadian border cities such as windsor you can increase your fan base by millions in the northern states. TSN should offer there network in these northern states. more people watching means bigger sponsorship money and bigger TV contracts with the league. the league would need to expand its minimum salary to at least 100,000 before one of these startup leagues become more popular in the us then the talent in the cfl will drop. the league needs to get out in front of this thing and get to at least 12 teams soon in those border cities to create a bigger fan base and more tv revenue from sponsorships because of it.

cfl steve 2011-09-20 00:41:14 CET   131766
expansion will only strenghtn the perception of the cfl. Canada is developing football at younger ages is at its all time high. and since 50 % of there rosters are made up of imports there really shouldnt be any drop in talent level to 10 then 12 teams. there are so many talented football players in the states without jobs. and there is more canadian talent now then ever and it is growing rapidly

cfl steve 2011-09-11 18:55:00 CET   131534
although the windsor-pontiac kickoff is just a dream now the cfl can do the same thing with teams they have now. alternating from an east. olympic stadium or rogers centre one year. BC Place or commonwealth stadium the next. It seams just a waste not to use these large stadiums to help promote the league. the revenue these cities would get from such an event. imagine the whole league in one city for a week filled with events for the fans. the host team could play the nearest city to them or the grey cup champs. maybe make it a double header having the junior leagues gettin involved. the CJFL ALL STARS could play the QJFL ALL STARS.

as they have done with the maritime atlantic game they should do this with other perspective cities for expansion. a regular season game at the silverdome and one at laval u. for quebec city

the border cities are the key. even if windsor plays across the border the team is based in canada so the import rules are kept in place. but playing exabition or regular season games could help promote the league. the NBA, NFL, MLB all do this and look how it has helped there fan base internationally. THE CFL has a great game so y not show the world !

cfl steve 2011-09-11 15:31:14 CET   131532
I also have a great idea for a cfl kickoff promotion putting some of the bigger stadiums to use. in this case using the silverdome for the 1st game of the expansion windsor franchise.
it can be called cfl kickoff week.
the game would be windsor vs hamilton since the ti cats are the closet team to windsor
for the game a bowl atmosphere would be put into place. all the windsor fans on one side of the stadium behind there bench. the ti cat fans on the other. all those fans would team colored shirts to wear wen they enter the stadium.this game would be played on a saturday a week before any of the other teams open up.
next, all the cfl teams, cheerleaders,front office personel, media would be in windsor all week to practice. the whole league in windsor all week. teams would be assigned practice fields with full access to the fans and media. special events could be planned all over the city to promote the cfl. the events and practices would be covered by TSN and the NFL network. like spring training in baseball the league could put together a package deal for fans from the teams that would include tickets to the game, access to special events. a grey cup atmosphere with all the teams attending.

on game day in the silverdome players from teams other than windsor and hamilton could participate in skills events.
or this can be done friday night.

gameday all the teams will be in attendence in the silverdome sitting together by team with matching team gear.TSN would have reporters assigned to each team with live inerviews during the game.

how cool of a way to kickoff and promote the cfl. 25,000 black and gold shirts on one side. 25,000 windsor colored fans on the other. the other teams,cheerleeders,etc. in there team colors sitting in the endzones. pure cfl fans from around the country sitting in there own sections wearing there home and favorite team colors filling out the rest of the silverdome. It would be a media and fan frenzy!

this could be an annual event held in the largest stadiums in the league. BC place, olympic stadium, rogers centre. I would suggest it be held in the dome stadiums so there would be no weather issues. BUt commonwealth stadium in edmonton could host it since it would be the only other stadium large enough.

imagine the revenue these cities and cfl would get from such an annual event.

cfl steve 2011-09-11 01:21:53 CET   131507
the cfl definetly needs expansion to give them credibility. a windsor team playing there games in the silverdome seems like a no brainer. the pontiac area is full of canadian nationals. they would become natural rivals to the ti cats and argos. The new owner of the silverdome is from canada so im sure he will have no problem making the adjustments to fit the cfl field. the upper level can be curtained off or covered much like they do with the alomo dome for accustics and intamacy.
teams in border cities would increase the fan base. many canadians live in U.S. cities that border canada. these are the cities the cfl should be looking into

expansionandlessplayoffteamsplease 2011-08-19 13:18:17 CET   130874
Until the CFL expands just a little but more with LESS THAN 50% of its teams making playoffs, this American NFL fan will not give this league full attention.

Griffin 2011-08-06 17:44:54 CET   130532
The CFL should double their league and these should be the teams with teams after the expansion (capitals are the expansion teams).

Western Confrence

west division


central divison


Eastern Confrence

mid-east division


east division


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