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What songs do you like best?

Haunting Hallowed Graves Haunting Hallowed Graves 393
BuriedNear The LivingDead BuriedNear The LivingDead 77
Final Goodbye Final Goodbye 64
Long Time Dead Long Time Dead 154
Headwound Headwound 345
Walking The Night Walking The Night 40
Through My Blood Through My Blood 59

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Mr. B 2010-09-05 05:52:32 CET   118335
Every song of this band is amazing but I really love the speed and melody of \"Final Goodbye\"

Z-money 2010-08-31 23:23:55 CET   118138
LONG TIME DEAD is one of the greatest metal songs ever. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn\'t know metal.

Misfit 2009-03-19 11:36:12 CET   95077
HeadWound is frickin\'s sweet.

mama cass 2008-07-02 08:42:52 CET   75024
Wheres Victim at?????

Doug 2007-08-18 21:11:08 CET   52381
through my blood is the best song ever.

Trevor 2007-07-19 04:03:17 CET   50440
Through My Blood is deff. my favorite so far

James 2007-07-16 07:34:37 CET   50274
I think my fav from you guys so far is Bleed The Beast

luis 2007-06-19 10:49:28 CET   47840
i think my fav song of you guys is flawless seasons

CV-22 CriewChief 2007-05-12 22:59:15 CET   45182
head wound is amazing. i make sure entire neiborhoods hear this shit when i drive through. I NEED MORE

xRicharDx 2007-05-01 10:17:51 CET   44359
headwounds is the most influence song in my life..
keep the flame of hate -from Indonesia-

Joni's Club 2007-04-29 04:23:33 CET   44152
Headwound is the best song. Michale Graves vocals along with the kick ass music is a perfect fit. You guys really need to work with Michale again. Maybe do a whole album together.

joe 2007-03-30 16:55:43 CET   41950
haunting hallowing graves' drum parts during the intro are amazing

gonz 2007-03-30 16:54:32 CET   41949
this song rocks

extreme fan!!! 2007-03-29 07:46:05 CET   41810
all summers end is amazing....the soloing is prolly some of the best out right now and ive gotta say long time dead is my favorite because it was the first one i heard on the hand of hope demo 2004

dave 2007-03-10 21:40:14 CET   40361
i like graves' vocals, and its just a sweet song

Dylan 2007-02-06 14:38:22 CET   38017
Buried near the living dead, walking the night, victim and final goodbye are the dopest songs. the rest are sick too.

URIEL 2007-01-24 19:34:49 CET   37251
Headwound's A Bad ass song, With Michale Graves It really shows he blends in with everything

brezzy666 2006-12-29 21:19:56 CET   35598
dude! Headwound kicks ass! Michale Graves kicks ass! Summer's End kicks ass!
Together, they could rule the universe by my side!!! muhahahahahahahaha!!!

Jay Dyer 2006-12-27 01:29:44 CET   35398
Buried Near The Living Deads riff is the best!

DEMON 2006-12-08 05:08:40 CET   34275

Matt 2006-11-25 01:37:07 CET   33013
summers end kill all hardcore bands. my fav. good guitar, good drums, tite vocals. every thing is good. my favorite song is victim. guitar is sick but not on the list. my favorite song on the list is long time dead

Dan Carnage 2006-11-14 01:12:28 CET   31945
haunting hallowed grave...sick song, period.

Dan Carnage 2006-11-14 01:12:08 CET   31944
haunting hallowed grave...sick song, period.

jeremy 2006-11-04 06:32:27 CET   31171
i love the band

Rob Graves 2006-10-31 16:14:31 CET   30848
great sound!!!like children of bodom

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