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Sexiest Women

Alycia Lane Alycia Lane 228
Toni Yates Toni Yates 12
Cecily Tynan Cecily Tynan 60
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larry 2007-09-13 04:31:48 CET   54163
Anyone know why CBS created a Woman's View with ALycia (the HIGH MAINTENANCE QUEEN) LANE?
The station realized Early on Lane WAS NOT CLICKING with female viewers (because women don't get diverted by ms. lane's looks as easily as heterosexual men)...gee I wonder why women don't like Alycia's not just instinct.

Alycia's former boss who hired her originally defended the Lane at all costs cuz he thought he had a shot at banging her. Well he didn't.
When Gail SHister wrote stuff about Alycia that didn't please Alycia--Alycia complained to her boss who threatened Shister (trust us--those of in the know know Alycia is a catty type who will dump even on Gail SHister the Queen of Talk in Philly). So Alycia complained and her former boss who is now at wcbs screamed at SHister and warned he would destroy her image. So Shister laid off. Same thing with Stu Bykofsky.


BOTTOM LINE: IF ALYCIA WERE THAT GREAT IN BED DON"T U THINK ONE OF HER FORMER 10 Ex Husbands would have given her all the money in the world to hold onto her p--sy??

Newswatcher 2005-11-25 04:27:13 CET   11998
Yes, I have seen her banter. She may be cute but she comes off like a giglging school girl. This is the news, remember? She should be on MTV or ET...not a newscast. She has never said one smart thing.

Joe Banner 2005-11-11 23:17:48 CET   11384
She is the hottest thing on TV. Ice queen? Have you seen how cute she is when she banters back and forth with the crew. That is not forced. And how about her report on divorce when she showed her most private side to the region.

This other guy was right. She is so beautiful and so bright, that is trhe definition of sexy. Forget about her new hubby- how the heck could the other guy ever leave. I would have been chasing her around the apartment every chance I got. ; )

M.W. 2005-10-24 18:05:09 CET   10629
ALYCIA is a vision of camelot for any man wanting to campaign.She is a first lady any any one's book.I see nothing short of greatness pouring out of alycia lane.If anyone thought she was a ice queen,i can say she melted me.

Alycia Lane 2005-09-30 20:19:58 CET   9406
Alycia comes off like an ice queen on the air. When she tries to show some seems forced. She just seems as dumb as a box of rocks. are right...she is sexy. But I can get that from a porn site, not the news.

Dave 2005-09-23 22:05:53 CET   9164
Alycia is a very beautiful women. She is the reason I started watching CBS 3. She looks great in anything that she wears. Her new hubby is one lucky guy!

Alycia Lane 2005-09-09 06:38:55 CET   8651
There is no question, Alycia is the most beautiful woman. Her voice is not the best, but who the hell cares? With a face and body like that I don't care if she talks like Daffy Duck. (Not that she's that bad.) However, I do understand that she is a very bright woman. Brains and exceptional beauty. that's sexy as hell.

jimmy 2005-02-16 00:43:58 CET   4105
my opinion is that alycia is more perfect than halle berry and halle is beautiful as well, but alycia should be the #1 most beautiful in the world.

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