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What sport is the most physically demanding?

Tricking/Martial Arts Tricking/Martial Arts 43
Breakdancing Breakdancing 14
Dancing Dancing 20
Gymnastics Gymnastics 115
Track Track 35
Other Other 1020
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RealTalk 2012-08-22 02:23:41 CET   137142
Motocross is the most physically demanding sport in the world. The end.

Andy 2012-08-21 08:06:10 CET   137137
Motocross is war, for the most of us (let the goons be goons lol) doing races the whole year, crashing, hurting and the pysical aspect show what motocross does to the people lol...
Motocross is a big guy who punches you always you meet him. But somehow you cant get enough from it?... Motocross is awesome!

Devin DAVIS 2012-08-21 02:03:38 CET   137135
Scooters. Definitely.

luke 2012-08-21 00:52:49 CET   137133
hell, mx is the most demanding and toughest sport. ide like to see a gymnasts scrawny little ass try whip their leg over a 450cc machine and go as fast as some people can. even if you did do all the training. im not dissing on other athletes, all sports are physicly demanding but motocross is on a whole other level.

Yz250f 2012-03-07 08:48:16 CET   134981
I love how people are actually saying football is the most demanding.... Do you guys not realize that in football a play will last for a max of 15 second and then they get to take a break for 30 seconds to a minute before the next play starts? And yes, rugby is tough, I play it aswell, but once again, it\'s like football in the sense that the play will stop often, giving the players a break. I do also believe that MMA (mixed martial arts) is definitely way up there for most physically demanding. It takes tones of trainings and strength/power while your in the ring to win the fight...... And i will also say that soccer is most definitely the 2nd most physically demanding sport due to the long plays before a whistle, running back and forth with only anfew subs, it definitely takes power and endurance. BUT, I have been racing motocross for the past 11 years of my life (I\'m only 17 meaning I started when I was 6 on a pw50) and it is hands down the most physically demanding sport that I have tried. I cannot say in the world because I have not tried every sport in the world. But out of any single sport I have ever tried or even seen, as of right now I definitely believe motocross is the most physically demanding sport in the world. Lost of diehard MX riders have already put their input in here already so I don\'t have much to add, but to all the people who are saying gymnastics and football and rugby and all that bull****, get on a dirtbike and ride around a track conpetitively for 30 minutes straight 2 times in a day with only a 1 hour break inbetween motos. The better you get, the faster you get, and the more tired you get. I can promise you that I have not once woken up after a day of races and not been sore in every single part of my body.


killerMx 2012-02-20 15:44:50 CET   134781
motocross 4 sure, i did gymnastics level 4 trampolining and level 3 tumbling, conditioning waas the hardest part of it, 40 min push ups, and sit ups, whereas motcross beats it in every aspect, not only do u do push ups, u work on your cardio and fitness overall, dnt say gym, becos i did it for 4 years in a row

Seriously 2011-10-14 04:52:40 CET   132630
This is a stupid poll it\'s all just people arguing that their sport is harder. Until one person puts years of training into every sport in the world we will never know.

Gymnastics!!! 2011-10-14 04:41:00 CET   132629
Sure gymnastics routines are only 3-5min long but you have to train all year six nights a week five hours a night doing that routine over and over and over and over until it\'s perfect. I\'d love to see a gymnast and a MX racer workout together after the first hour you would be dying and I would be full of energy laughing at your sorry ass, four more hours to go bitch!

#124/76 fl/ga series motocross 2011-10-07 15:42:46 CET   132447
Motocross and supercross then sport jiujitsu and wrestling tied.wrestling and jiujitsu \"training is insane\" but motocross absolutely killed my forearms and wrestling and sport jiujitsu with gi you have to have great resistance to lactic acid build up too.i drive home from motocross race and my hands have locked up and got cramps that were way worse than grappling because you can pause in the mount or crosschest and north south positions.there is no pause for breather and you can shoot in and win and end it quick with pin or there is no 3min a cramp too bad.pulled off all your tearoffs by accident and cant see,too bad,got hit in throat by a rock off another riders roost oh well! Im talking from experience im 35 been riding since 1979/80. Ive been in wheel chair and compression fracture on ankle really see people die in sports and there unfortunately been deaths.ox cargola desert prerace.worcs champ nathan woods died this year as well.gymnastics is hard training as well but you cant compare a floor routine or parallel bars to 30min plus two laps.....period.

PDCB27 2011-10-05 12:59:19 CET   132366
I am 55 years old, run marathons, played basketball, cross-country skied, snow boarded, played volleyball,down hill mountain biking, martial arts, raced cars, and there is no comparison to motocross. I have raced since I was 15 years old. I would have to train 5-6 days a week, eat the right foods,travel every weekend 8-20 hours and practice reaction by trials riding constantly. I have just went through bone marrow cancer, and I have been running 3-6 miles every day because I still don\'t have the energy to race motocross which is my favorite sport. If I keep training maybe in a year I will be able to ride one 35 minute moto hard and give about 50% of energy in the second moto which is only one hour apart. In motocross after a weekend every muscle and bone will ache for 2 days! Most people do not understand that the whole body must be in top physical condition. After 40 years of trying lots of sports their is no sport to compare to motocross for the toughest sport on the endurance and fitness list

Dwhite RMZ250 2011-09-29 09:21:25 CET   132095
Motocross is without a doubt the most demanding sport on the planet. I have been working on a speech i have to present to my college class, and i have found much evidence (and still continuing to find) that it is in fact the most demanding sport on this planet. Motocross is physics 110% statistically, and James stewart just about defies physics (for example). Average force of gripping the handlebars turns out to be 450 force-lbs, (the left slightly higher on average due to clutch manipulation obviously). This was tested off the bike by doing a grip test. On the bike? MX riders, cant we all say the actual force while riding will be more like 500-530 force-lbs? Yes every muscle in the body is worked as well. Your brain is working at phenominal speed, brain scanners and wires plugged to your head couldnt even keep up with a pro motocrossers brain calculations. They use every sense as well and feel and see things ahead, right in front, on all sides, and behind as well. Physically demanding= chad reed flying 30 ft through the air, and immediately getting back on the bike. On top of this, cross training plays a huge role. Mentality plays an even bigger role. Emotions play a big role. 100% of your time goes into winning a pro championship. It really is a full time job (beyond that). Like all of us know, sometimes cross training just doesnt cut it. Seat time is what really counts. to sum this all up, football players, soccer players, chess players, ballet dancers, arm wrestlers, swimmers, etc... i challenge you to ride a stock 450 motocross bike for ten minutes as fast as you can on any type of amateur or pro motocross track and see if you can do it without being exhausted. Did i mention that oxygen intake while riding is maked out at 100% O2 usage? Also during a 40 minute pro race, just about all riders experience a consistent heart rate of 190-200 bpm, WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO STOP or say \"coach i need a sub\". for all of you who again, say your sport is more demanding, take up my challenge and let all of us motocross riders know. \"welcome to motocross\"

Natedawg 2011-07-31 22:02:36 CET   130338
People that have never raced a dirt bike dont understand, now you guys say people that race dirt bikes and dont play other sports say the opposite. Coming from someone that played football for 7 years basketball for 7 and soccer for 5 years and didnt have a problem with those sports. Once i did my first moto on a dirt bike i crashed because i was soo tierd and then i couldn\'t start the bike i was so winded i had never been more tierd in my life definatly motorcross

sportingbet 2011-07-26 17:11:48 CET   130148
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YourFace 2011-05-22 02:14:30 CET   128402
Gymnastics is the hardest sport. It is definitely the most demanding, especially considering it\'s the 12 year old girls who do it. Gymnasts are the most kick-ass people you\'ll ever meet.

ryan hughes 2011-04-11 01:18:23 CET   126980
ask ryan hughes about his broken leg in a pro national of motocross he broke his leg in a corner (didnt fall) and finished the race and came back out with eletical tape around his leg and boot and road the other 40min moto not 30 and then after 2 weeks cut the cast off and road the rest of the out door season idk about u but thats fracking bad ass if i ever heard or seen it and it takes a motocross racer to understand that like only motocross racers cut or get casts for racing right after broken bones and its not a cake walk riding a national track for 40min or 30min +2 laps and motocrossers train with mma and ride road bikes miles for training to make every skill and physical aspect of the racing better they dont play soccer or football with big idiots and grass loving faggets.... and hockey is a vary hard sport skill and cardio wise + u get hit so hard and there boards u get hit against not like foot ball were u just fall over on grass not ice and believe me ice hurts elbow and knees without and with protection grass doesnt hurt as bad

garret 2011-04-07 10:26:07 CET   126852
all im ganna say is i love haters and they need to go get on a dirt bike and race 30 mins plus 2 laps

Austin 464 2011-04-04 22:35:23 CET   126718
Motocross for sure! If uve never raced you don\'t know its not easy to ride a 200lb bike wide open for 30 mins on the last moto of the day when the track is the roughest. Id like to see a football player throw some scrubs and whips in 90 degree weather. So everyone who motos we know what\'s good!

eatfish5 2011-03-29 15:08:47 CET   126464
haha you guys are saying this because you all do motocross dont get me wrong yes it physically demanding but there are some sports out there that kick the living sh*t out of you! like football rugby

john 2011-02-11 22:59:26 CET   124968
nba is more physically demanding than motorcross by far

motoxkx250f 2011-02-10 17:58:26 CET   124937
MOTOCROSS IS BY FAR THE TOUGHEST SPORT, no other sport goes 30 minutes straight (no breaks)and not only that your on a 2 mile long track going through bumps jumps constantly standing up to sitting down using every muscle in your body. and nothing compares to the holeshot 40 falling gates and a drag race to the first corner at around 80 miles an hour and being pelted by rocks and having people trying to pass you take you out. your out there on your own you dont have 11 teamates like in football and there isnt 2 teams facing off, your practically facing 40 teams and you have to be the toughest physically and mentally and you have to be the fastest to win, no other sports meet those demands. but somehow its the funnest thing ever because there are limits always being stretched, and when you break a bone and tear something it makes you want to recover and train and come back better ever before. and i have played baseball for 4 years and football for 2 and they come nowhere close to as hard as motocross.

mxfan81 2011-01-31 01:03:58 CET   124589
motocross for sure, average mans max heart rate, 180 bpm, motocross racers heart rate for 30 mins. plus 2 laps, 190-200 bpm. the amount of g-force and pressure put on your arms as you land, hit braking/acceleration bumps is enough to pull the muscles with ease. nothing gets you more sore than MX. specially not rowing.

Mason 2011-01-23 10:29:34 CET   124339
Motorcross. If you\'ve been out there, you\'d know.

honest 2011-01-19 05:02:26 CET   124148
man check this out gymnasts.its also fun as well as the most physically demanding itant oording

Tab Gordon Rm850 2010-12-06 06:42:48 CET   122291
Motocross by far!!
No other sport in the world will ever come close to Motocross.
I did boxing on a serious level for 3 years and when i got back on my dirtbike, the boxing did absolutely nothing for me. Arm pump 3rd lap, blisters 5 laps in, Legs died on me. Remember, i have been racing my whole life, took two years off after a championship, Came back after i though was good training, and not much happened. good cardio tho.

Tony 2010-11-03 22:36:05 CET   120945
Definetly not motocross I have a friend that is going pro in motocross and he is also on the wrestling team, he says there is no comparison. Wrestling is, and I dont get how everyone could forget it. I come from the same school as Toby Gearhart Norco High School and for season we run 10 miles everyday. Intense and horryfiying conditioning and grugling strength training. No breaks we are always on the go. Even varsity linebacker on our football team couldn\'t last. Wrestling Is i think a fact by far the most physically demanding sport as a fact. I\'ve done football and soccer and muay thai fighting and trust me they are uncomparable.

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